How much do Munchkin cats cost?

Munchkin cats cost will vary in price depending on age, color, gender, paw size and breed of Munchkin cat, but in general, breeders will charge between $ 500 and $ 1,200 per cat. The breed is desirable for its long, slender bodies and short legs. The more “Munchkin” the cat, the higher the price the breeder can ask.

How much do Munchkin cat Cost
How much do Munchkin cat Cost

Females munchkin tends to pay a higher price tag as they have the ability to produce a litter. In general, the younger the cat, the more loved ones will love the cat. I have found some breeders who earn up to $ 2000-3000 to eat more pure food with coat colors, such as white.

Pricing List Of Munchkin Cats

Calico Munchkin

Calico munchkin cats can range from 600$ to 700$. It seems that these cats are mainly healthy cats (although they are not normal. They have faults other than the legs). Additionally, (KillerKad touched on this) because it is an autosomal dominant gene – the result of two deaths with 25% offspring (lethality, not cloudy). So if you raise two pieces together – you get 25% more dead cats. To overcome this, they still need to raise a standard tightening munchkin for 50% munchkins and 0% lethal. Now, as a person who has had the euthanasia of some additional cats.

Calico Munchkin

White Odd-Eyes Munchkin

White Odd-Eyes Munchkin cats can range from 500$ to 600$. The Munchkin cat with odd-eyed eyes is an animal of orange, yellow or green color, and a blue eye. The most common are all white cats with this particular eye color, but can also be seen in mainly white cats with some parts of a colored coat.

White Odd-Eyes Munchkin Cat

White Blue-Eyes Munchkin

This Munchkin cats can range from 1500$ to 1600$. White Blue Eyes Munchkin Cat with long white and gray hair while sitting and looking at a cat toy.

White Blue-Eyes Munchkin Cat

Will The Breed Of Munchkins Change The Cost?

Blue-eyed and long-haired breeds are in great demand in the United States. Since this type of cat is difficult to find with these features, you can increase the cost of a more expensive breed of Munchkin cats, such as Bengals, Persians, American CurlsBritish Shorthairs, and Russian Blues. Will do.

Will Color Change The Cost Of Munchkin?

The color preference on the cat will depend on the buyer. There is a strong demand for solid colors such as white and black. Which can increase the price of the demand from breeders? My experience with cats tells me that the color of the eyes is sometimes more important than the color of the coat. People tend to be more willing to pay for blue-eyed cats.

However, Calico coats, all white coats and the distinctive shading at Munchkins will likely increase the price. This number increases with more desirable eye colors.

Will Color Change The Price Of Munchkin Cats?

Will The Legs Change The Cost Of Munchkin?

The more dominant the Munchkin genes, the shorter the legs, so yes. The shorter the cat’s legs, the more the price tends to rise because this cat has more than the Munchkin characteristics that the potential owner of the cat will look for.

Short legs are one of the main factors that determine the price among breeders. The Munchkin breed is required for this feature and buyers are willing to pay more for what most cat owners would consider very short legs for a cat.

I have seen prices go up to $ 3000 + on breeds that are more like dachshunds.